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Deal with pest animals

pest rat stealing a birds egg

How can you get started with pest control at home?

Pest animals are a huge threat to our native ecosystem. They prey on native animals, compete with native animals for food and shelter, damage native plants and spread disease.

If you live in the Waitākere Ranges, it’s very likely you have pests at home. The most common pests in the ranges are:

How do I know which pests I have?

The Pest Detective website is an excellent resource – its list of pest clues is a good place to start.

Once you know the common signs that pests tend to leave behind, you can start looking out for them and use these signs to figure out which pests have made themselves at home at your place.
Alternatively, you could make your own chew card or a tracking tunnel. These activities are fun to do with kids and can help you easily identify the pests you’re dealing with.

What should I do once I’ve identified the pests on my property?

Head to the culprits page on the Pest Detective website. From here, click on the relevant page and you’ll find some pest control suggestions at the bottom of each page.

For advice and help with pest control, you can also connect with your local baiting or trapping volunteer group.

Image credits: Rat (Nga Manu Nature Reserve) & Possums via