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Tūturiwhatu / NZ dotterel

New Zealand weta in flax bushes

The NZ dotterel is a threatened shorebird and can live up to 25 years old.


Help us to help the Tūturiwhatu / NZ dotterel

The endangered New Zealand dotterel/tūturiwhatu is found only in this country. Their nests are just scrapes in the sand, and their chicks have to find their own food from the day they hatch, though their parents will go to great lengths to protect them.

With over 75% of our indigenous species at risk of extinction*, the Pest Free Waitākere Ranges Alliance is raising funds to help defend the many special species of the Waitākere Ranges.

Thank you for your support of this bird, currently more rare than kiwi!

*Extinction threat to indigenous species | Stats NZ. 

Image credits: Fern by Toby Hall on Unsplash