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New Zealand long-tailed bat

New Zealand weta in flax bushes

These aerial insectivores feed on small moths, midges, mosquitoes and beetles.


Help us to help the Pekapeka / NZ long-tailed bat

These tiny bats are about the size of your thumb, weighing just 8-11 grams and can fly at 60kmph with a range of more than 100km2! They are found nowhere else in the world, and are at serious risk, classified as threatened - nationally critical.

With over 75% of our indigenous species at risk of extinction*, the Pest Free Waitākere Ranges Alliance is raising funds to help defend the many special species of the Waitākere Ranges.

Thank you for your support of this amazing little bat!

*Extinction threat to indigenous species | Stats NZ. 

Image credits: Fern by Toby Hall on Unsplash