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Kororā / Little Penguin

New Zealand weta in flax bushes

The smallest penguin in the world stands just over 25cm t


Help us to help the Kororā / Little Penguin

The little penguin / kororā is the smallest penguin in the world at just 25cm tall and weighing a little over 1kg. They are at risk and declining.

Your support will help volunteers to undertake trapping activity to keep predators at bay, to fence off penguin nesting areas, install nesting boxes and undertake monitoring activity of known populations in the Waitākere Ranges.

With over 75% of our indigenous species at risk of extinction*, the Pest Free Waitākere Ranges Alliance is raising funds to help defend the many special species of the Waitākere Ranges.

Thank you for your support of this fast and feisty little penguin!

*Extinction threat to indigenous species | Stats NZ. 

Image credits: Fern by Toby Hall on Unsplash