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Tara / White-fronted tern

New Zealand weta in flax bushes

White-fronted terns are only found in New Zealand.


Help us to help the Tara / White-fronted tern

The tara's nest takes no time to build, as it is usually just a depression on the ground without any nesting materials at all, though they will sometimes add a few small stones at the bottom of the nest. They are especially vulnerable to stoats, ferrets, cats, and rats, and disturbance by people and their dogs. They are currently listed as 'Declining'.

With over 75% of our indigenous species at risk of extinction*, the Pest Free Waitākere Ranges Alliance is raising funds to help defend the many special species of the Waitākere Ranges.

Thank you for your support of the tara!

*Extinction threat to indigenous species | Stats NZ. 

Image credits: Fern by Toby Hall on Unsplash